I'll think of a mermaid lagoon
s t o p there and let me c o r r e c t it i want to live a life from a new
p e r s p e c t i v e !!!
I'll think of a mermaid lagoon

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My darling…when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage. —Alice HoffmanPractical Magic
"I love you to the moon and back !"



"And I love you."


          ❝ I feel rather conflicted about the lack of
          trying to prove you love me mo-o-o-ore ! ❞

A Ball of a Night {Jack&Wendy}


"Mmm, I’m not sure I want to pretend you didn’t say that." He teases lightly, guiding her across the room. He found the girl very beautiful and fun, and he liked her company. "But to make you feel better, I think you’re cute too."

He leads her over to the snacks table again, pours her a cup of punch and holds it out. “Here.” He gives her a soft smile, blue eyes bright behind his mask. His white hair was slightly ruffled now from all the moving around, but it wasn’t awful. “With more practice, you could be an incredible dancer.”

    Well, I am so, you kno-o-ow …” Wendy heard an awkward and nervous giggle trickled out of her lips, which were contorted into artless smile which pleaded with any and every deity in existence to bestow control over time on her so she could rewind and make it that she had never said that and —

                         wait what was that

      — You wh—what now ?” Were the only just coherent words in the string of stuttering and stammering that followed the compliment, partnered with a bright flush staining her tanned cheeks and she had to bite down on her lip subtly in order to prevent the nervous smile that wanted to take place on her face. Ah—Urhm—Urh—well. Th—Thanks ?” She sounded uncertain but a tiny bit giddy all at once.

      Wendy was only allowing herself to smile ever—so slightly at him as they reached the table and she took the cup, gratefully thanking him in the process. Wendy took a sip and rolled her baby blues at him in amusement. Sorry, I feel like that is just some bad flirting because that just isn’t true. Thanks for humouring me though. She chuckled with a gentle wink.

The Bookstore Owner and the Single Dad {Wendy&Jack}


Jack was almost reluctant to go. Not only was he curious about Wendy, truth be told, but he hated leaving Haven anywhere unfamiliar. Still, he takes the chance to escape to somewhere quiet to work on stuff for his job, hoping that the extra dedication would pay off and get him a raise or a promotion.

Haven’s eyes widen and she nods eagerly at Wendy, moving to grab a book quickly and settle down so Wendy could do her hair. “Daddy tries, but he isn’t very good.” She tells Wendy. “I don’t mind. Daddy works a lot and is always tired. The girls at school help me sometimes, cause everyone in town knows mommy and daddy split up.” She goes quiet then, choosing to open the book and get started reading.

    My brothers used to spend many attempts trying to plait my hair, simply to prove they better than me. A playful smile turned into a slight wince as she remembered the afternoons spent with sore scalps from untangling severely knotted hair. They weren’t. She said simply as she took to quickly helping a few kids asking what books they should read before kneeling behind Haven, gently taking the bobble out of her light brown hair, running her fingers through her knots, grinning.

    Right then sweetheart, do you have any particular kind of princess in mind ?” Wendy asked, leaning over the little girl’s shoulder to look at her properly, wanting to make her as happy possible.

Let’s Runaway and Never Look Back {Wendy&Jack}


He can’t believe it’s really her. Still as beautiful as the last time he saw her- how many years ago was that? Not that long ago, he thought, but her eyes were bright and her hair was darker and she just looked so much more grown up. Jack had changed some himself; pale skin now a natural tan and white hair slightly more lengthy than usual and hands rough from his work as a construction worker.

"What brings you here so late at night?" He had taken careful note of the engagement ring on her finger, and though he didn’t have one on his own hand, he definitely was engaged too. He can’t help a slight pang of jealousy upon seeing it. Still, he ignores it, choosing instead to give her a small smile.

He had been thinking about her a lot lately, as he’d always imagined it would have been the two of them getting married. Jack had been wrong, obviously, because here they were, late into the night in their booth, both engaged to different people.

"It’s very nice to see you again, Wendy."

    It was so … surreal seeing Jack again. Well, better still, it was surreal seeing how much he had changed in their time apart. Her eyes were still adjusting to him not being as — what was a nice way to put it ? — albino ( there was not a nice way to put it ) and the other little details she was picking up gradually in her sleep—deprived—but—not—sleepy state.

    I could very well ask you the same. Seeing as you used to shout at me whenever I called you asking if you could drive me here when I couldn’t sleep. Cue a small quirk of the eyebrow and a tugging on the left corner of her lip as she rested her arms on the table, lazily playing with her darkened locks. I mean, A short sigh left her and she began to fiddle with the silver ring. 

    “I am engaged, as you’ve probably guessed and, well, the date’s getting closer and closer and it’s making me feel … A bit restless.A light laughed chimed from her before Wendy clasped her hands together and smiled at Jack. Wow, I am still horrific for rambling. Aren’t I Well, it’s lovely to see you too Jack, we kind of just … lost contact, didn’t we ?” Wendy frowned at that. She’d never been happy with that fact.

      Urhm, so. Let’s catch up on missed time. What have you been up to in your life post—Darling ?”


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