I'll think of a mermaid lagoon
s t o p there and let me c o r r e c t it i want to live a life from a new
p e r s p e c t i v e !!!
I'll think of a mermaid lagoon

darling daughter ;; story teller sister ;; the lost boys' mother. many titles but one sums her up;; the wendy bird
;; #ladywendybxrd
❝ I said that I'm in love with you ❞ ( i really don't know what this is but here )



          ❝…Come again?



       ❝ You’re actually going to express emotions to me?—
                              —This is so new and quite scary. ❞

      He teased playfully as he continued
      holding her hands, a small smirk
      tugging a corner of his mouth as he
      pulled her closer. He watched the
      brown, curly locks bounce up, before
      going down again, just ending by her
      shoulders. He leaned over, giving the
      smaller cuter a kiss.

               Magic. It must have been magic he felt.
               He could feel all the senses feeling alive
               and actually working. His grip on her hand
               tightened at how entranced she was to
               the supposedly peck he gave her. He felt
               her let go to wrap her arms around his neck,
               and he awkwardly snaked his arms around
               her small frame. He couldn’t help but smile
               at the british having to tiptoe a little just to
               reach him, before both of them pulling away.

                               wordlessly, he just smiled at her,
                               unsure of what to say to her. It honestly
                               felt quite awkward, being best friends
                               for so long and then just kissing her
                               right now. He never thought it would
                               escalate to this, but he couldn’t help
                               but accept it’s ways of evolving. He
                               just shrugged his shoulders a little before
                               letting her respond to break the silence.


       ❝ Hardy har—har, you’re simply
       hilarious Hiccup, I think     your
       wit is what had me fall for you. 

           Wendy crossed her arms, lips still pursed but 
           the corners upturned, but her expression soon
           took on a more surprised quality as     Hiccup
           went on to pull her closer, for which she had to
           hurriedly shuffle her feet to avoid    stumbling.
           But then he was leaning down and then       —

          — she didn’t see colours, only black, as       her
           eyes fluttered shut instantly, nose    scrunching
           happily. She was sure she was smiling into  the
           kiss too. But her mind was somewhat hazy, she
           wasn’t quite sure what else to do except try and
           remember this FEELING and run on       instinct.
           That entailed raising on her tiptoes and  gingerly
           wrap her arms around his neck whilst            his
           wrapped around her waist.

           Her eyes didn’t open for a few milliseconds   but
           when they did they widened slightly as     cheeks
           flushed bright magenta. What had just happened
           and what it meant had just hit her, leaving her  to
           move her lips, but no words came out until     her
           expression screamed embarrassment and      she
           went on, voice an unusual octave now. 

               ❝ I—I wasn’t even meant to say h—how I felt.
                  Seriously, I was saying how much I loved the
                  book I just finished — my brain didn’t tell my
                  brain that it seems 


(◡‿◡✿) Slow sensual deep meaningful kisses

(◡‿◡✿) Lustful hands sliding down bodies with little tiny gasps of pleasure 

(◡‿◡✿) Tugging on their hair gently only to move the kisses to their neck 

(◡‿◡✿) Jawline kisses slowly moving back to their lips

(◕‿◕✿) Muffled kissing while getting the shit fucked out of them

( who knows any good container themes ???? i am working on a lil’ something and am considering having oneeeee. )
"Yeah, well, can you blame him for being insecure?" Frost asks curiously. "You're a very beautiful girl, and he now knows you're in love with someone else too. It's kind of a lot to compete with, even if, to you, there is no competition." He crosses his arms loosely over his chest, thinking. "You could, you know, remind him that there's nothing for him to worry about."


       Wendy frowned slightly, eyebrows furrowing some as
       she considered his words. ❝ Well … I understand him
       feeling threatened by my feelings, but I honestly doubt
       my looks factor into it. I’m barely average on a    good
       day, not even that compared to my friends. ❞   Wendy
       spoke with a nonchalance regarding herself      before
       going on to look at Frost thoughtfully.

       ❝ I should do that more  ❞ Wendy admitted with a 
       a sigh. ❝ But I feel like if I remind him he’ll feel      like
       there’s a reason I’m reminding him — I don’t know, I’m
       just scared he’ll over think things and panic or some—
       —thing. ❞

me: *whenever I think up a sad headcanon* oh boy i can't wait to destroy my friends with this

Askbox Messages and Skype Chats {Jack&Wendy}


Today was bad. Jack had gotten told off a few times by teachers for having low grades, but his attention just couldn’t stick. He wanted to do something more than just sit in class and listen to lectures about things that won’t matter later on. On top of that, his mom got an extra shift at work and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon, which made him responsible for Emma instead of hanging out with Frost like he originally planned.

Sighing, Jack falls onto his bed, face smashed into his pillow. After a moment, he rolls onto his back and heads to his tumblr app on his phone. His face splits into a grin when he sees her reply.

Hey man, I’ll wait as long as I need for a reply. Oh, England! That’s cool as fuck. I’m in America, o yeah, it definitely explains a lot. Wait, shit,t hat means you have a british accent, huh? i think that’s the cutest accent ever, seriously. i’m the same about school, by the way. got told off quite a few times today during it. teachers hate me. i’m not the A student they want. anyway, hope you have a good weekend?

That was the only great thing about today. Of course, his peace is ruined as Emma plops onto his bed next to him and bugs him to come play a game with her.

     Wendy was finding it insanely challenging focusing on her Maths homework for two reasons ;; one ) it was Maths homework. two ) it was online homework. And that was leaving her all too tempted to check tumblr, which was a common thought that crossed her mind often enough, the temptation that was procrastination all too evident. Although usually she could brush it off easily enough.

      But today the urge to check was just too strong because she found herself eagerly awaiting her inbox to show a new message, and she been waiting all day, checking her inbox every other hour, which never happened usually.

      When she got to the last two questions her resolve just crumbled and she hurriedly answered the questions — guaranteeing they were wrong — before submitting the work and opening a new tab and logging into tumblr swiftly. And her face brightened hopefully when she saw she only had a single message, and it only increased as she discovered who had sent it.

Awh, that's sweet of you, but I'll try and not keep you waiting toolong because I have found I really like reading your messages, to be honest with you !!

Urh, right, you don't have to care or anything but just putting it out there I'm not a huge fan of swearing ??? Can't really stop you if you keep doing it, but if it isn't too much to ask could you try not to please.

Ooh, America ?? That's so cool, I've always wanted to visit there. England's pretty meh to be truthful. And pfft my accent is so not cute, I can assure you that !!

Urgh I'm the same, barely scraping C's in any and everything that isn't English, if you want to rant, have at it, I'll more than likely understand.

Hey, out of curiosity since we've talked a bit, what's your name ?? I don't believe I know it honestly. I'll tell you mine in return~ xxx

      Wendy bit her lip, smiling more than she liked to admit as she sent the message, subconsciously hoping he hadn’t sent it long ago and would be able to message her again soon.


( after long time of considering i may or may not have started considering making a fem!j.d instead of an oc for heathers . thoughts ? )

Frost frowns becomes more evident as she goes on. "Shit, that's pretty bad. I can see why he despises him." He sighs, keeping his gaze evenly on hers. "However, I don't think any less of you. I believe it is very possible to be in love with more than one person at a time, and each is different than the other. So long as you don't act upon that, there's no issue. But Jack is very different than me, and probably worries a lot more than I would."


            Wendy’s nose crinkled instinctively at Frost’s swearing,
            not much of a fan of profanity herself, but she      could
            understand him using it right now and thus kept      her
            complaints to herself.

            ❝ You don’t? ❞ Wendy sighed in relief, visibly   relaxing
            surprising herself with how much his opinion had meant
            so much to her. ❝ That’s good and no, I have             no
            intentions of acting upon my feelings for Peter, ever,     I
            don’t want to ever, either, even if Jack and I broke up,  I
            just couldn’t ruin the friendship we have. ❞

         At his last word Wendy pursed her lips in thought. ❝ I th—
           —ink he worries when I tell him I’m hanging out with   him
           as if I’ll run away with Peter and never see him again,      I
           don’t know … ❞ She trailed off, looking    uncomfortable.
           ❝ If it’s any help I’m not in love with anyone else and don’t
           intend on falling for anyone else at all, that’s for certain,   I
           promise. Cross my heart. ❞ Wendy let out a light   hearted
           laugh as she really crossed her heart. ❝ One boy to love is
           more than enough, trust me. ❞

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